The OpenAg Center is UPL’s home for agri-innovation.

Where entrepreneurs and innovators are invited to work with UPL’s global business to test, refine, scale and launch the most progressive, impactful technologies that we believe will define our shared ag future.
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Seamless innovation, from lab to land

The OpenAg Center provides a complete service for agri-innovation, creating symbiotic partnerships that combine your vision with our expertise across 45,000 sq. feet of lab space and our extensive field-testing network. Together we can fast-track promising innovations from idea to deployment and into farmers’ hands as fast as possible.

Our best ideas have been inspired by the natural world and collaboration is no different. Our OpenAg approach is founded in our belief that true innovation relies on true collaboration and that working together creates the most impactful results.

Welcome to the OpenAg Center.

Our Collaboration Roadmap

  • Identify promising innovations with commercial potential
  • Invite technologies into the OpenAg Center for incubation
  • Model technologies and go-to-market planning with our “do it right the first time” solution
  • Build a robust and efficient pathway through the global regulatory system
  • Work with UPL’s global distribution network to circulate technology seamlessly to growers, agri professionals and the food system

Benefits of Collaborating with UPL

  • Access to UPL’s experienced Product Development and Regulatory Team
  • Mentorship from UPL’s technology team
  • A gateway to commercial teams and their network with global farmers and growers
  • 45,000 sq ft of lab space at UPL’s OpenAg Center

If you share our vision for ensuring food security for all, connect with us and be a part of the future of agri-tech.

Startup companies from across the world can join in to take the next step for mentorship in its growth.
Synergize leading-edge ideas to the growers and food value chain partners. Connect us to create revolutionary one-to-one niches.
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