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Adarsh Farm Services ( Farmer Advisory & Spraying Services )

Adarsh Farm Services
( Farmer Advisory & Spraying Services )

A UPL initiative to transform farming through best farm mechanization technology and services.

  • In the 21st century, the Indian Agriculture is predominantly dependent on “Farm Laborers” for basic agricultural operations. Various schemes like “100 days assured work” has actually moved traditional farm laborers to work with projects outside agriculture.
  • This culminated in the severe crisis of not having the all-important farm hands available to the farmers at the times of his need.
  • The immediate effect was less area getting cultivated, skewed application of inputs and delayed harvest leading to crop loss. The innocent framer was at a receiving end, though it was not his fault in any manner.
  • UPL - Adarsh Farm Services is the way out for the farmer to get almost all the critical field operations done in a service hiring mode which is the first of its kind in India. This help the farmers come out of their dependence on labours to a large extent.
  • The concept of Adarsh Farm Services was conceived by UPL Ltd with the objective of providing best farm mechanization technology and services, leading to a transformation in farming through better efficacy, better yields and building direct relationship with the farming community.
  • Adarsh Farm Services has introduced to ensure around 50% cost saving for the farmers, bringing down their cost of spraying per acre. The biggest benefit was seen by the farmer in getting 10-20% yield increase for the crops treated and this was translated from the 20-25% better efficacy of the crop protection products used.
  • The collateral benefits are the large number of farmers getting their field sprayed for crop protection at minimal time, save costly inputs and water, get a better disease/pest control and be environmentally responsible. This also inspired small farmers to form groups and get their field serviced at one go, making management of pests better and more efficient

Key Farmer Benefits

  • Better crop protection by uniform spray technique.
  • Controlled uses of chemicals - Low cost and environment friendly.
  • Risk Free Stewardship - Secure Service.
  • Peace of Mind – Labour free spraying service.
  • Time saving.
  • Cost Effective Spray - About 50% cost saving.