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Caring enough is the commitment to ‘do things better’ – not just for the business but for the world at large. We undertake multiple initiatives to strengthen communities.

- Mrs. Sandra Shroff, Vice Chairman, UPL

To see a need and to take the initiative to answer it. To see an opportunity and to develop solutions. That's what we do.

Leading cocoa growers to better yields and bigger profits.

Our range of crop protection products and yield enhancing techniques like have enabled the cocoa producers of West African regions like Ghana and other regions to not only sustain their operations, but thrive in these uncertain markets.

Along with our partner Plant Impact®, we are the exclusive marketer of BANZAI™ — the first proven crop enhancement foliar spray for cocoa — in the important West African cocoa-producing countries of Ivory Coast, Ghana, Cameroon, Nigeria and Togo. Together, these countries account for more than 70% of total global cocoa production, with more than 6,000 hectares cultivated by thousands of small-holder growers.

Thanks to BANZAI



yield improvement



per hectare increase in
incremental income


Trials demonstrate that even under a wide variety of conditions, BANZAI can improve yield in excess of 40 percent. For the typical grower, this represents an average increase in incremental income of over $200 per hectare based on 2018 Ivory Coast cocoa prices.

Success Story

cocoa_ivory-coast-map Ivory Coast

Ohouo N’Taho Salome

I took over the plantation from my father in 2014. At first I started to do the pruning and the maintenance works with ANADER (National Rural Development Agency). I had decent yields. In 2016 Callivoire proposed me to try some of their cocoa inputs, namely the BANZAI Biostimulant. I can tell you that ever since that day, I can’t stop being amazed by the effects of this product.

Crop protection only CP + Fertiliser CP + Fertiliser + Banzai
Harvested weight 2016/2017 110kg 126kg 228kg
Additional cost of inputs - $ 36 $ 42
Revenue increase * - $ 32 $ 236
ROI - 1:0,88 1:5,6
* Farmgate price2016/2017 = $ 2/KG
Crop protection only CP + Fertiliser CP + Fertiliser + Banzai
Harvested weight 2017/2018 126kg 216kg 305kg
Additional cost of inputs - $ 36 $ 42
Revenue increase * - $ 114 $ 228
ROI - 1:3,1 1:5,4
* Farmgate price 2017/2018 = $ 1,28/KG

Source: Sustainability Report 2018-19pdf-icon


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