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Talent attraction

People have always been central in our operating ethos. They form one of the pillars that hold up UPL’s strategic intent.

We’re focused on identifying and creating engaged, enthusiastic employees, and a workplace where they want to stay on and thrive. UPL is committed to paying attention to every facet of work that is needed to ensure that our employees feel that they are connected within the social fabric of our organisation.

Workforce Trend

*15.3% of our Blue collar workforce is unionized


Percentage of Employees in Management Positions

(Top 15 Countries)
2021-22 - Share in all management positions (junior + middle + Senior) All levels excluding WL %age
Percentage of Employees in Management Positions
India Brazil
France Mexico
Colombia USA
South-Africa Vietnam
Belgium Costa-Rica
Argentina Japan
Indonesia UK

Hiring Demographics


Employee Engagement

People have always been central in our operating ethos. They form one of the pillars that hold up UPL’s strategic intent.

To develop our teams’ potential, and inspire them to lead with their best efforts, we actively drive employee engagement. From the day we onboard a new candidate, and across their tenure and growth trajectory at UPL. Engagement initiatives help align our employees’ individual activities with UPL’s own growth path. We drive employee engagement through a 3-pronged approach
Employee Engagement Survey 2020 Download-pdf
Employee Engagement Trend
Unit FY 2019-20 FY 2020-21 FY 2021-22
% of actively engaged employees 71% 88% 88%
Methodology: Willis Towers Watson’s Sustainable Engagement model – measures 3 parameters - Enable, Engage and Energize. (Data coverage this year is 100%)

Reward & Recognition

We believe that Reward and Recognition (R&R) practices must continually evolve to support team efforts and keep up with organisational change. At UPL, our R&R efforts are directed at improving in-role and extra-role performances, thereby enhancing our engagement level with our employees. We have instituted 2 tiers of rewards: Global and Manufacturing.


Global Awards

OpenAg Awards - Our vision is to be an icon for growth, technology, and innovation. The OpenAg Awards are a platform for rewarding excellence in business from all around the world, and for us to share our successes and learn from one another.

Global Sales Excellence Award - these celebrate our top sales and marketing performances. Individuals who directly drive extraordinary business growth

ProNutivaGold Awards - these celebrate new ideas and innovative, environmentally friendly thinking.


Manufacturing Awards

P.R.A.I.S.E. – Program for Rewards & recognition of All individuals and teams toward Sustainable Engagement. The 5 pillars of PRAISE are Productivity, Quality, Cost, Delivery, S.H.E. and Morale (PQCDSM) form the base of our awards system. Within it, members of Leadership Team and HODs regularly assess and recognize individuals at department level or unit level based on their achievements.

Spot Awards – for extra vigilance and dedication Team awards for appreciating the ‘team with one focus’ and showcasing performances in terms of Kaizen / Poke-Yoke / Zero Customer Complaints / Zero Safety Incidents, and QC circle awards are some of our areas in R&R.

Employee Assistance Program

Employee Assistance Program

We introduced our Employee Assistance Program (EAP) with assistance from Workplace options, the world’s largest independent provider of integrated employee wellbeing solutions. Our EAP services were made available to all white-collar employees of UPL across India, effective 2nd August 2021.

It is a confidential employer-funded support service for our employees and their immediate family members who may be experiencing personal or work-related difficulties. Employee support is provided by professionals who are entirely independent from UPL. They are bound by professional standards regarding confidentiality, and do not disclose the details of the individuals who have contacted the service.

Aside from this, we also offer pain management physiotherapy options for employees in key locations to help them manage acute or chronic pain.


Employee Engagement & Wellbeing

Recrafting ‘Normal’ in the time of Covid

We recognised early into the pandemic, that COVID-19 would test us on all fronts. Among the many adjustments we had to make, we were keen that employee wellness shouldn’t go neglected. We identified some simple and consistent measures to allow our teams to stay mentally and physically healthy in this fast-changing landscape. We developed multi-pronged employee wellness program with something for everyone:

 - yoga

 - Meditation

 - Nutrition Talks

 - Talks on Mental wellness

 - Zumba

 - Pilates

We also encouraged virtual catch-ups with no work agenda – informal ways of checking in on your teammates and creating online ‘water-cooler’ moments.


Employee Health & Wellbeing

The pandemic forced us into situations and experiences that many of us have never faced before and manage circumstances that we did not have a standard operating procedure for. This is especially true for the HR community, who deal with people daily. Social isolation, additional responsibilities as a caregiver, health concerns, these are just some of the pressures that employees, and by extension, our organisation had to adjust for.

  • Childcare facilities are provided by UPL to its employees.

  • UPL provides Mediclaim facilities to all its employees.

  • UPL provides 32 weeks maternity leave, going beyond the Government of India’s mandated 26 weeks.

Employee Turnover Trend

Total employee turnover rate
Country-wise-White-Collar Country-wise-White-Collar Country-wise-White-Collar Country-wise-White-Collar
Employee Turnover Trend
Employee turnover Trend FY2018-19 FY2019-20 FY2020-21 FY2021-22
Voluntary employee turnover rate 11.9% 10.98% 7.37% 15.3%
Data coverage (as % of all FTEs globally) 100% 100% 100% 100%

Attrition %

Overall Attrition
Voluntary Attrition

Attrition by Age Group


Attrition by Gender

Attrition by Gender

Attrition by Management level

Attrition by Management level

Voluntary Attrition

(Top 15 Countries)
Voluntary Attrition


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