We provide comprehensive solutions after deep understanding of the farmer’s and customer’s aspirations and daily challenges.

Staying close to farmers and taking insights from them is critical to our business model. We are the go-to partner for the latest economic indicators, global trends and consumer insights. We use advanced technology to capture and share data with partners and customers.


Integrated solutions platform for banana growers in Latin America

Our Trust++ solution allows thousands of banana growers access to quality fungicides, which facilitate the permanent monitoring of Sigatoka (leaf-spot disease of banana plants caused by the ascomycete fungus Mycosphaerella fijiensis). The platform urges banana farmers to ‘know more and work better’ by providing them easy access to information on contemporary technologies, markets and global developments, weather reports and online record books for inventory control, among others. We are not merely providing a platform; we are creating a community.

15,000+ acres
Covered by the Trust++ service