We are solving farmer’s problems with sustainable offerings spanning from seed to post-harvest and services.

We have built extensive partnerships with food and fibre value chains and enjoy one of the most complete BioSolutions portfolios among top companies in the industry. Moreover, we are scaling up our digital service offerings.

Expanding leadership on sustainable input technologies

Fruit sizing

  • Movement of sugars from vegetative tissues to wood or reproductive tissues
  • Fruit finish

Flowering/fruit set

  • Flowering
  • Pollination
  • Fruit set and retention
  • Cell division for size and quality potential


  • Leaf area
  • Chlorophyll
  • Photosynthesis activity
  • CO2 fixation

Stems and branches

  • Root architecture
  • Thicker stems
  • Increased branching
  • Stem/stalk diameter and strength
  • Inter-node length


  • Root mass and architecture
  • Bud development
  • Accelerated shoot or bud emergence
  • Uniform emergence

Value proposition

Evolve go-to-market strategy from supplying products to offering smart farming solutions

Our resource efficiency and innovation efforts will move most of our business to enhance solution providing and to drive smart farming partnerships in the next five years. This will create opportunities for margin expansion and defensible market position.

Reliable product supplier

Product focused supply of post-patent and proprietary crop protection formulations

ProNutiva® solution provider

Complete crop solutions, combining conventional and biological products

Smart farming partner

Precision Farming solutions, combining products and digital agronomic services


For a bigger cause

Mexico is one of the main exporters of agricultural products to USA, and the value of its exports at US$ 30 billion makes it the third most important source of foreign exchange income for the country. However, in recent years, global legislation has reinforced food safety requirements, including stricter regulations on levels of chemical residue. Of USA’s rejected Latin-American exports, 78% were Mexican and, of that, 60% were due to excess chemical residue and/or use of non-authorised crop protection product.

After five years of field trials, we created ‘Pasaporte Verde’ (Green Passport), which includes 30 UPL products and product platforms such as ProNutiva®, and the ‘Aplique Bem’ (ApplyWell) crop protection training programme that is provided free of charge.

We entered into a non-promotional agreement with Global Gap to further expand the concepts behind the programme, and ‘Pasaporte Verde’ products are now being used by several major berry and vegetable exporters, including California-based Driscoll’s. As a unique proposition from us that cannot be emulated by other crop protection companies, ‘Pasaporte Verde’, together with ProNutiva®, has already achieved a 7.5% - 8% market share. We aim to invest further resources into ‘Pasaporte Verde’ so that more exporters can benefit from the scheme, expanding it to other crops in the near future.