Strategic Framework

Working on our priorities



People have always been our most important resource. They must be aligned to the purpose, in accordance with the values and provide an environment of industry-leading growth.


Focus on right customers to gain strategic advantage by building solutions (products and services) around the needs of those specific individuals or segments.


Focus on grower’s needs to create solutions, integrating current and future technologies, beyond molecules. Through regulatory and strategic alliances, anticipate future needs and make these technologies available in the market, in an agile way.

  • Our culture encourages people to contribute their ideas to strengthen the larger purpose of bolstering the food network globally
  • Driving merit-based open platforms with the highest level of transparency
  • Encouraging collaboration as it is the bedrock of a connected economy. We respect those who join at seemingly innocuous nodes and get into the core of the network with disruptive ideas to create superior impact
  • Nurturing diversity of people, ideas, technologies, partnerships, concepts, definitions with borderless and limitless pollination to
    sow the seeds of an ever-energising organisational culture
  • Anticipating customer needs and market trends by employing intelligence tools and being close to growers
  • Understanding agriculture and the customer’s business to build innovative and integrated solutions that create a unique experience
    for growers
  • Making use of new technologies to engage with customers and to enhance their experience
  • Creating long-term relationships that lead customers to advocate for UPL
  • Mapping farmers’ future needs and driving innovation accordingly
  • Innovating by reconfiguration of new Artificial Intelligence (AI) and technologies to create more choices, faster access, greater value and sustainability for farmers and the whole agriculture system
  • Driving an agile and connected product development process from idea to launch
  • Networking with the scientific community, research organisations, R&D companies and governments to promote knowledge exchange, leverage the innovation capability and sustain our solutions
  • Driving high-performance technical teams to support business, regulatory and legal areas


Be best-in-class in supply, manufacturing, logistics and processes to deliver value to customers.


Nurture a connected network of partners to enable game-changing alliances and Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A); feeding sustainable growth with no limits, no borders.


Propelling new levels of sustainable growth for farmers, producers, customers, partners and employees through revenue and profit growth and higher returns on investment.

  • Strengthening supplier relationship to sustain the operational competitive advantage
  • Leveraging cost advantage through operational and manufacturing excellence, enhanced manufacturing capacity, improved product quality and optimised processes
  • Strengthening the logistic capabilities
  • Leveraging sales and operations, planning capabilities to ensure satisfaction and long-term relationship with customers, supporting growth
  • Enforcing effective risk management with safety measures across all operations
  • Undertaking strategic acquisitions, with a clear value proposition, to grow in geographies, crops, segments and technologies and to acquire new complementary expertise
  • Leveraging in-house proven integration capability to deliver acquisition goals and to maximise growth and synergies
  • Nurturing a connected network of partners, enabling game-changing technology partnerships to close key gaps in the portfolio and address unmet needs of farmers
  • Cultivating and strengthening the current strategic alliances with technology partners
  • Leveraging our extensive combined portfolio and manufacturing capability to offer B2B sales/licence-out opportunities to our partners and leverage those as a door opener to
    new partnerships
  • Focusing on profitable and sustainable growth
  • Ensuring positive cashflow and liquidity
  • Sweating assets adequately to deliver higher return on capital employed
  • Putting continued emphasis on
    risk management
  • Reinforcing policies, processes and internal controls as key to sustainability