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Crop Smoke and Fire Events Application

Date: 19 Apr 2021 | Author: UPL | Tags: smoke fire solution

Crop S.A.F.E. Application

Smoke from wildfires can negatively impact grape and other food crops. The UPL Crop S.A.F.E.™ tool (Smoke And Fire Events) helps identify crop risk from smoke and fire events, allowing you to remotely track smoke and fire hazards, in addition to associated temperature variances and air quality.

The UPL Crop S.A.F.E. application provides a cumulative Smoke Hazard metric, with data from today, yesterday and six days prior. You can track Temperature History with maximum temperatures for today, yesterday and the six previous days. The application also provides an Air Quality Index, with daily ozone and particulate data to know when it’s safe to be in the field.

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