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Integrated crop health solutions to meet the needs of today’s growers.

ProNutiva® is an exclusive program that integrates natural biosolutions (bioprotection, biostimulants and bionutrition) with conventional crop protection products to meet or exceed the real-world needs of today’s growers.

The integration of biosolutions with conventional plant protection products answers the latest challenges in agriculture by:

- Supporting sustainable agricultural practices

- Improving grower economics

- Meeting evolving food chain requirements

The new era in crop protection has dawned.

ProNutiva programme is much more than combining individual crop protection products and biosolutions. Interactions between biologicals and conventional AIs are real and go beyond the current expectations of individual product performance. It offers better resistance and residue management, enhances crop protection and targets higher yields and better quality.

ProNutiva: Crop Establishment

ProNutiva offers complete crop protection and helps in achieving better quality and higher yields year on year. It is all about applied crop health expertise at each critical growth stage, starting from the crop establishment.

ProNutiva: Managing Resistant Weeds

Watch this video to know more about how ProNutiva, the best plant health solution offers you better control over resistant weeds and a rise in profits through better yields. Learn from the experts as they share their knowledge about using ProNutiva.

ProNutiva: Residue Management

Learn more about appropriate residue management and enhancing yields for high profits with ProNutiva. Get expert guidance regarding the use of specific products that will help crops to realize their genetic potential fully and give larger yields with minimum residue.

ProNutiva: Stimulating Plant Growth

Watch this to know how ProNutiva promotes maximum genetic potential of the crop and mitigates stress factors like soil problems, climatic changes, pest attacks and diseases. Listen carefully and learn the secret of cultivating better crops with the help of ProNutiva.

Sustainable Agriculture- ProNutiva program

A ProNutiva program is intended to cover plant needs throughout the season or at a specific development stage of the crop.

Biosolutions and Crop Protection Products - ProNutiva program

Application includes separate or combined applications of biosolutions and crop protection products via seed treatment, in-furrow, fertigation or foliar spray

ProNutiva offers new solution to:

- Manage resistance and residues

- Enhance crop protection

- Target higher yields

- Target better quality

Growers in Italy, Brazil, Poland and Hungary where trials have been undertaken in a variety of crops and fruits like grape, apple, sugarcane, soybean, wheat have achieved spectacular results in weed and pest control