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Callighana presentation

Callighana Company Ltd is a subsidiary of the global group UPL. Since 2003, the company has been involved in the importation and distribution of agrochemicals products, spraying and micro drip irrigation equipment as well as providing its valued partners with technical support and training on safe handling and use of agrochemicals.

The skilled and experienced team of Callighana is continuously working towards the satisfaction of its partners. Callighana aims to reach out a large majority of producers, notably small and large-scale farmers whose access to quality and accredited inputs has been a challenge over the years.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be an icon for technology growth and innovation.

Our Mission

Change the game to make every single food product more sustainable.

Our Values

Quality: we focus on providing solutions and high-quality service to ours partners. Close to customers: We help our customers to achieve their goals and success by proactively offering them our supports to suit their needs. Innovation: we rely on cross-functional teams who master the different standards related to the development of new solutions for the protection, growth and development of crops.

Our Social Responsibility

Callighana is committed to upholding its social responsibility to the Ghanaian society and is involved in a number of projects. Callighana has created training programs for farmers and farming groups like Nguso Papa, workshops, demo and field days to support agriculture in Ghana. Callighana since its inception has consistently been a major donor of the Annual National Farmers Day celebrations.