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TeleSense Spider

Grain Bins With Aeration

Two TeleSense "Spider" devices provide a way cable free to remotely monitor grain bins. The Spiders (top and bottom) work together to develop a complete view of your grain bin, by measuring temperature, moisture, and carbon dioxide levels of the air that flows through the grain mass.  

The following components are involved in a TeleSense grain bin monitoring system: -

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Installed at the plenum/ fan transition, this weatherproof and dustproof box has two temperature, moisture, and fan sensors. It is constantly plugged into power.

A weatherproof cord that connects the two spiders and is used to power the top spider.

Installed in the headspace, this device has temperature, moisture, and CO2 sensors for early spoilage detection.

Spiders rely on cellular connectivity to regularly send data to the TeleSense App.  The TS App is the engine that makes us the most powerful grain monitoring solution in the market. It relies on machine learning algorithms to detect and mitigate potential grain storage problems such as hotspots, excess moisture or pests. A glance at the intuitively designed interface will let you know if your entire operation is running smoothly. You can quickly find any storage issues, identify the cause and act accordingly. 

  • A Complete Picture ​ 
By sensing and analyzing the air which moves through the grain, TeleSense ​develops a complete picture of what’s happening in the bin. 

  • Early Spoilage Detection 
Monitoring CO2 can detect grain spoilage due to biological activity several days earlier than monitoring temperature only.  

  • Magnetic Attachment  
Eliminates the need for drilling and reduces the installation time 

  • Ability to take quick corrective action, with continuous access to grain temperature, moisture and carbon dioxide data  
  • Access to recommendations for grain moisture management and bin fan operation 

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