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Maximize the value of your post-harvest grain with TeleSense® technology.

Managing stored grain and seed can be a challenge. With today’s razor-thin profit margins, relying on manual inspections or temperature cable solutions to protect your stored grain from spoilage is too risky. Fortunately, with UPL and TeleSense® technology there’s a better way.

The UPL and TeleSense Collaboration

UPL has formed a strategic collaboration with TeleSense, a California-based IoT (Internet of Things) innovator revolutionizing post-harvest grain storage and transport.

TeleSense provides remote solutions for monitoring grain in storage and transportation. Wireless sensors measure temperature,  moisture and carbon dioxide (CO2) levels of stored grain. The data is analyzed to provide additional insights and can be accessed remotely from your smartphone, PC or tablet using the the  TeleSense app. You can also view historical charts, set alerts for high-risk storage conditions, compare multiple storage units and receive guidance on spoilage reduction. TeleSense reduces guesswork and human error by gathering millions of data points and analyzing them based on scientific research.

Whether grain is stored in bins/silos, piles or warehouses, TeleSense products reduce spoilage and enable better storage and selling decisions. The addition of TeleSense technology to the UPL portfolio complements our robust range of gas monitoring, safety and detection devices as well as fumigants.

As a strategic partner, UPL will help TeleSense strengthen its sales channel by introducing monitoring solutions for post-harvest commodity storage and transport to multiple stakeholders across the agriculture value chain.

“Our partnership with UPL represents an unprecedented commitment to reducing food waste, ensuring food security, delivering supply chain sustainability, and increasing profitability for growers."

Naeem Zafar
Co-Founder and CEO of TeleSense


Access grain data, from any device (smartphone/PC/tablet) with an internet connection

Reduce time and manual effort involved in grain storage monitoring

Spot grain spoilage issues faster and take quicker corrective action with CO2 monitoring

Monitor multiple storage units within the same app

Receive fan operation guidance on grain quality management

Make better decisions - how to preserve grain quality, how to extend grain storage life and when to sell to maximize profit

Storage Unit Types

TeleSense offers inexpensive and intelligent monitoring solutions for all storage unit types

TeleSense Spider

An innovative way to monitor bins. (Includes CO2 monitoring)

TeleSense Spear

Simplify bulk grain monitoring with our wireless multi-sensor spears for temperature and moisture monitoring

TeleSense CellSpear

Wirelessly monitor commodities in transit with our battery powered plug-n-play spears. (Location monitoring included)