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Partnering to reduce food waste

How UPL and TeleSense® are helping reduce food waste and increase grower profitability.

UPL is partnering with TeleSense, a California-based innovator of things (IoT), to reduce food waste globally while enabling grower resilience. TeleSense is revolutionizing post-harvest grain storage and transport using scalable sensor technology on an artificial intelligence platform to monitor the temperature, humidity and carbon dioxide levels of stored grain.

With approximately one third of global food production lost annually to food waste, our partnership with TeleSense represents a new vision for how grain is stored, handled and transported by creating a more efficient, data-driven supply chain that will reduce food waste, improve food quality and increase sustainability.

UPL is helping TeleSense strengthen its sales channel by introducing this breakthrough technology to multiple stakeholders across the agriculture value chain. Combining the strength of UPL’s global footprint with TeleSense’s innovative technology will provide new solutions to meet the requirements of both developed and developing countries.

This important partnership supports the OpenAg® mission to make every single food product more sustainable, in addition to aligning with the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in its mission to do the same.