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Through OpenAg®, we accelerate progess for the food system.

Utilizing our expertise in manufacturing, technology, formulation and registration, UPL has developed an unparalleled range of cost-effective sustainable solutions and services.


Largest Crop Protection company globally

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OpenAg® -

Open Access To Agriculture Network Around The Globe

An agriculture network that feeds sustainable growth for all.

No limits, no borders.

Agricultural Solutions

Speciality Applications


Seeds represent the most critical farmer investment as better seeds mean better yields. OpenAg® network provides sophisticated, high quality seeds worldwide through innovation for local needs.

We apply best-in-class formulation technology with a localized approach to formulating mixtures that are highly flexible and responsive to customer needs. We address every stage of the lifecycle of crops and plants through innovative products and well-designed treatment plans.

Biosolutions portfolio helps in crop stimulation, nutrition as well as protection and when combined with conventional products, improves crop resilience to weather risks and biotic stress for improved yield, quality and consequent grower financial wellbeing in a sustainable way.

Post harvest losses can drastically impact food security. Our solutions have been saving thousands of tonnes of food from destruction globally and are recognized amongst the most effective.

The reduction of soil degradation and water conservation are the cornerstone of how UPL is working towards a more sustainable agricultural system.


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Open Collaboration

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Supplier portal

We welcome our supply partners from across the world. This portal is an easy platform for us to connect, collaborate and transform opportunities into value. Let's grow together.

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Natural Plant Protection

At NPP, we start with natures Micros. Like the invisible microbes that improve plant resilience and the microscopic technological interventions that increase crop sustainability.

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