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Helping water live longer

UPL Zeba™ is a patented, granular, free flowing technology in the category of soil conditioner / amendment, intended for in furrow application with a proven history in its ability to positively manage soil solution water whilst having a constructive impact on soil health parameters.
Enabling growers to directly increase the efficiency of the water they use, along with soil solution nutrition, for the benefit of plants, soil and the environment. Being degradable Zeba leaves no residues across a wide range of applications.

What benefit does Zeba offer?

It reduces the amount of water needed in agriculture for irrigation – enabling more yield from less water. Thus, reducing agriculture's water footprint, whilst helping with water supplies and associated costs.

Zeba increases the water holding capacity of a soil and helps in the reduction of leachates and associated contaminants to the environment. The retained moisture in the soil is also beneficial to the crops and the soil microbiome.

Zeba improves the nutrient-use efficiency in the rooting zone as it has positive interaction with essential soil nutrients.

It has a positive effect on the soil microbiome supporting the soil food web and helps maintain soil health.

Why is Zeba referred
to as a Soil conditioner /

Zeba™ is a material product which acts on several points related to a soils function and health.
Water a key dynamic for soils to function, yet Zeba also has physical presence within the soil profile. As due to its starch based formula it attracts individual soil particles to its surfaces, and upon drying will hold then in what is known as aggregates, these aggregates are just what is required in many of our soils today, offering a direct contribution to soil aeration and bulk density, which in turn is the ideal environment for root and beneficial soil microbe development.

In addition Zeba is capable of interacting with soil nutirents, with a high exchange capacity, increasing the soils ability to exchange nutrients within the soil environment.

It is well known that the efficiency of nutrients is linked to the efficiency of water, so that zeba is the ideal product to contribute to a successful soil and plant environment.

This dynamic of soil and water also leads to the way Zeba is known for reducing unwelcome soil leachates, which otherwise would pass into the environment.

Reduced Nutrient Leaching

As Zeba directly increases the soil’s ability to hold water, and reducing the amount required from irrigation coupled with its ability to support soil aggregates and the microbiome, all contributes to an overall reduction in unwanted leachates.

Zeba Soil and Water Conservation


Focussing on reducing environmental footprint by bringing about a sustainable improvement in soil health, plant vigour, resilience and climate impact organically with the use of various natural microbes.

The microbes increase soil aggregation and reduce water leaching without leaving behind harmful residue in the soil. They enrich the soil profile and make it easier for the crops to efficiently absorb nutrients in every stage of their life cycle.

Water Holding

The positive impact of Zeba on the environment is one of the biggest differences between similar products. Since Zeba is unequally based on corn starch, when broken down, it reverts to a substance which is a source of food for microbes and leaves no residue.

Key positions of use

Nursery Production


For mixture with
compost substrates

Turf & Ornamental

Plant module
planting out

Supporting the survival
and establishment of
any planted-out
modules in open field
or protected situations.


In Furrow

For application of all
in furrow planted crops

Trees and Forestry

Trees and

For all classes of trees
from the planting out to
established support



Specific applications by

Coating Materials

Coating materials

For the ability to coat seeds
The application to coat and support a range of in furrow applied fertilizers
To be included along with in furrow liquid injection of water and selected fertilizers


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