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Financial Year Type of dividend Face Value per share Dividend per share * % of Dividend*
2011-12 Final Rs.2.00 Rs.0.50 25%
2011-12 Interim Rs.2.00 Rs.2.00 100%
2010-11 Final Rs.2.00 Rs.2.00 100%
2009-10 Final Rs.2.00 Rs.2.00 100%
2008-09 Final Rs.2.00 Rs.1.50 75%
2007-08 Final Rs.2.00 Rs.2.00 100%
2006-07 Final Rs.2.00 Rs.1.20 60%
2005-06 Final Rs.2.00 Rs.1.00 50%
2004-05 Final Rs.10.00 Rs.4.00 40%
2003-04 Final Rs.10.00 Rs.3.00 30%
* Not adjusted for Bonus issues
Note: For dividend details prior to 2003-04, please contact the Company’s Shares Department.

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