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Environmental Sustainability

Environmental Sustainability

UPL is constantly working to reduce environmental footprint as environmental care has been a part of our core philosophy since inception and is practiced in our daily business across the value chain.

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Economic Sustainability

Governance & Economic

UPL is committed to perform consistently on all economic parameters. With powerful steps we aim to enhance farm viability and improve the economic prosperity of farmers, distributors, retailers and partners across the globe, increasing shareholder value.

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Sustainable People Development

People Development & Human Rights

Our world-class crop and seed solutions have their beginnings in our people. We believe in considering everything we do through the lens of how it will affect them, and our organisational culture – always prioritising wellness, learning, fairness, and inclusivity.

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Environmental Health Safety & Sustainability

Occupational Health and Safety

The safety of our employees, both permanent and contractual, is very important to us. All efforts are taken to ensure that the environment they are working is safe and injury free.

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Csr Sustainability

Social Responsibility

Caring enough is the commitment to ‘Do things better’ – not just for the business but for the world at large. We undertake multiple initiatives to strengthen communities.

- Mrs. Sandra Shroff, Vice Chairman, UPL

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Awards & Achievements

Embedding Sustainability @ UPL

Tripple-Bottomline Approach

Approaches Of Sustainable Development

Embedded triple-bottomline approach.

Policy & Management System

Policy & Management System

  • Sustainability Policy
  • Sustainable Procurement
  • Policy
  • Human Right Policy
  • HSE Policy
  • Product Stewardship Policy
  • Tax Policy
  • Clawback Policy
  • Sustainability Goals & Targets

Implemented sustainability policy, goals & targets.

Sustainability Reporting

Sustainability Reporting


Enhancing World Food Security

Sustainability Report

Sustainability report as per GRI.

Sustainability Certifications

Sustainability Certifications

FTSE4 Good Logo
Responsible Care Logo

as per GRI. UPL is FTSE4Good & RC logo holders.

Sustainability Ratings

Sustainability Ratings

Dow Jones Sustainability Index Logo
FTSE Russell logo

Year over year our score is enhancing


  • We adopted structured approach towards Sustainability.
  • we believe that sustainability is the best opportunity for business to drive smarter innovation and profitable growth.

Goal 1: Reduce Environmental Footprint

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Reduce manufacturing environmental footprint from baseline FY2019-20.

CO2 Emission Reduction

Reduce 25% Sp.
CO2 emission.

Sustainable Water Management

Reduce 20% Sp.
Water consumption.

Sustainable Waste Management

Reduce 25% Sp.
Waste disposal.

FY2020-21 Targets

Reduce over FY2019-20
Specific CO2 emission by


Specific water
consumption by


Specific waste
disposal by


Projects for FY2020-21

CO2 Reduction Icon

CO2 reduction

  • Utilisation of biomass as a source of energy: Working on installing a biomass boiler with 30 MT per day steam generation
  • Recycling 100% plastics used in packaging
  • Use of renewable energy through Green power purchase agreements
  • Process and technology innovation to reduce CO 2 emission
Water Consumption Icon

Water consumption reduction

  • Scale-Ban technology to reduce cooling tower water demand
  • Rainwater harvesting to reduce abstracted water demand
  • Recycling and reuse of green effluent stream
  • Forward Osmosis technology for effluent recycling
Waste Disposal Reduction Icon

Waste disposal reduction

  • Reduce moisture in ETP sludge from 70% to <25%
  • Biological treatment of incinerable waste, U4 & U5
  • Zero liquid discharge at one of our units in India
  • Wastewater stream identification and segregation

Priority SDGs

SDG 12
Affordable And Clean Energy


Achieve 40% revenues from innovative and sustainable solutions to enhance yields and quality

FY2020-21 Targets

Sustainable Goals

Achieve 27%
revenues from innovative and
sustainable products

We aim to contribute to food security by supporting farmers with our product and service portfolio to feed the world sustainably

Projects for FY2020-21

Research and Development

R & D

  • New products and mixtures to address farmer pain-points
  • OpenAg® Center: Technology Partnering, Bio-solution R&D
  • Expanding network on Field Research Station
Digital and Technology Innovation

Digital and Technology Innovation

  • Collaborations for developing precision agriculture tools
  • Plant Stress & Stimulation: Sea Weed Extract, Zeba
  • Cross Technology Solutions: Pronutiva
Farm to Fork

Farm to Fork

  • Collaborations for Sustainable Farming: Potato, Chilli, Groundnut, Sugarcane
Farm Advisory Services

Farm Services

  • Spraying service covering ~2 mn acres with target to reach 25 mn acres by 2025
  • Farm Advisory

Priority SDGs

Zero Hunger Icon
Zero Hunger Sustainable Development Goals


 Sustainable Sourcing

60% sustainable sourcing

FY2020-21 Targets


Results of Initial dipstick Supplier Survey

Number of suppliers covered

~₹ 2,600 crore

Equivalent spend
(US$ 370 million)
(20% spend)

Action Plan for FY2020-21

Procurement from sustainable suppliers

  • Policy, framework and toolkit development.
  • India, where 40% of our manufacturing is based, will be our key priority for FY2021
  • ExpIore and initiate ISO20400 implementation

% suppliers categorized under ESG Parameters (82 suppliers)

Sustainable Suppliers Graph

Leaders: score above 60%

At par with industry: score 40-60%

Sensitive: score less than 40% (need improvement)

Priority SDGs

SDG 12


Impact 3 million lives through livelihood, education, health and sanitation

Sustainable living

1 million lives
through community initiatives

Projects for FY2020-21

  • One Billion Hearts Initiative at Côte d'Ivoire with The Heart Fund to provide universal access to cardiovascular health for 1 billion people by 2030.
  • Promote and raise awareness about sustainable development in agriculture and education in society through football with FIFA Foundation
  • Partnership with Oxford India Centre for Sustainable Development (OICSD) at Somerville College, University of Oxford, UK to advance education on sustainability with a greater focus on small-holder farmers in the developing world
  • Establish Centre of Excellence (COE) on process safety management
  • Backward and forward linkages for farmers through formation, nurturing and strengthening of Farmers Producer Company

Our CSR initiatives has four focus areas:

Institutions Of Excellence

Institutions of excellence

Sustainable Livelihood

Sustainable livelihood

Nature Conversation

Nature conversation

Local And National Area Need

Local and national area need

Priority SDGs

Zero Hunger Icon


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