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Sustainability is to maintain a healthy environment as well as business. It means to ensure our people, the community we are surrounded by and the environment are well looked after. At UPL, sustainability is a holistic approach to doing good business for progress, prosperity, people and the planet.


Environmental Sustainability

UPL is constantly working to reduce environmental footprint as environmental care has been a part of our core philosophy since inception and is practiced in our daily business across the value chain.

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Economic Sustainability & Growth Strategy

UPL is committed to perform consistently on all economic parameters. With powerful steps we aim to enhance farm viability and improve the economic prosperity of farmers, distributors, retailers and partners across the globe, increasing shareholder value.

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People Development & Human Rights

Our world-class crop and seed solutions have their beginnings in our people. We believe in considering everything we do through the lens of how it will affect them, and our organisational culture – always prioritising wellness, learning, fairness, and inclusivity.

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Health, Safety & Environment Policy

The safety of our employees, both permanent and contractual, is very important to us. All efforts are taken to ensure that the environment they are working is safe and injury free.

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Social Responsibility

Caring enough is the commitment to ‘Do things better’ – not just for the business but for the world at large. We undertake multiple initiatives to strengthen communities.

- Mrs. Sandra Shroff, Vice Chairman, UPL

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Awards & Achievements

UPL Sustainability Goals By 2025


Working with farmers to help them feed the world sustainably.

Goals &

Reduce Operation Environment Footprint

Enhance World Food Security

Enhance Sustainable Raw Material Sourcing

Enhance Communities Well-Being

Action Plan:

  • Reduce sp. Water consumption
  • Reduce sp. CO2 emission
  • Reduce sp. Solid waste disposal
  • Reduce sp. Wastewater discharge.
  • Support farmers with Adarsh Farm Services.
  • Increase crop yields.
  • Create fresh food value chain.
  • Help farmers to increase the productivity, incomes, and sustainable farming practices.
  • Integrate social, ethical and environmental performance factors into the process of selecting suppliers.
  • Select sustainable supplier.
  • Create School, College & Hospital for communities.
  • Train farmers to reduce loss from farm to fork.
  • Engage communities, empower women & enable youth


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