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Green at Heart

Report DownloadEnvironment Policy

We are on a mission to achieve the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

At UPL, we believe that the dynamic natural environment presents both opportunities and challenges to our business. We have developed strategies to ensure the resilience of our operations to current and upcoming environmental risks. We are constantly working to reduce our environmental footprint and find innovative product solutions that benefit the society

We are on a mission to achieve the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. We are members of various initiatives like WBCSD, Responsible Care, Global Agribusiness alliance (GAA) etc. We communicate our initiatives and performance through our sustainability report.

Rapid urbanisation and industrialisation are exacerbating the loss of flora and fauna, making it critical for businesses to establish strong biodiversity management policies. As one of the world's pioneers in the agrochemical industry, UPL aims to instil sustainability within its entire value chain and beyond. With the help of communication and collaboration with our internal team and external stakeholders, UPL aims to focus on improving agricultural biodiversity. This is enabling farmers to cultivate the food needed to sustain growing populations around the world. With our robust biodiversity management policy, we at UPL are safeguarding biodiversity within its plant premises and in the surrounding area. This will also help us fulfil our commitment to environmental stewardship and carbon neutrality.

we are shifting to renewable sources of energy and have signed a power purchase agreement (PPA) with renewable electricity providers. Till FY 2019-20 we have signed PPA for 17 MW from solar and wind energy.

Energy & Emission Management

Efficiency for the planet

UPL has adopted two strategies for efficient energy and emission management- Energy conservation by enhancing energy efficiency and decarbonizing operations. We have a dedicated energy cell that works towards the uptake of current technologies and other interventions to enhance energy efficiency. Energy Cell is focusing on identifying and implementing projects which reduce specific consumption of Electrical, Thermal and Water resources.

Major Initiatives taken for Energy Management and Emission Reduction

Signed and Purchase 19.2 MW Renewable Power through Power Purchase Agreement till March 2020

Power generation by installing Back Pressure Turbine in place of Pressure reducing valve.

Flash steam utilization through installing Variable area thermos compressor

Enhanced Condensate Recovery by installing Condensate Polishing Unit in Captive Power Plant

Heat recovery from critical exothermic process reaction to pre-heat Boiler DM feed

Power plant turbine condenser online ball cleaning by in-house development.

Achieved Zero Liquid Discharge system 60% in manufacturing sites Globally.

Water Management

Conservation today for tomorrow

Industrial water management is vital to achieving future water security. We are committed to minimise our water footprint and reducing the freshwater consumption by reusing as much water as possible in our processes, through initiatives like rainwater-harvesting and waste-water treatment. We are compliant with all local and national laws related to effluent discharge.

Major Initiatives taken for Water Conservation

Achieved 60% Zero liquid Discharge system across the manufacturing site globally by implementing world class effluent reuse and recycling system

Implemented scale ban technology at Unit- 1 and 5 in heat exchanger of cooling towers to reduce the fresh water consumption demand and frequency of blowdown

Successfully piloted and implemented the various advanced effluent treatment technologies for efficient wastewater treatment and water conservation like Forward osmosis, MBBR, hydroxy radical treatment.

We have installed full-fledged rain water harvesting system with a capacity of harvest 10000 m3 of rain water in monsoon season

Waste Management Icon

We have signed MoUs with cement industries for co-processing of industrial waste for Utility at our major Indian plants

Waste Management

Waste less, recycle more

With the aim to decrease the quantity of waste consigned to landfill and recycle more, waste generated in our manufacturing units as well as offices is sorted at source. We take special care to reduce, recycle and eliminate hazardous solid waste.

Major Initiative taken for Waste Minimisation

Implemented the best practices of 4R (reduce, recycle, reuse, reprocess) concept in hazardous waste management

Reducing packaging waste by efficient packaging material usage and implement innovative concepts

Dedicated Laboratory facility to control and monitor waste, wastewater, air pollutant across the sites

Convert by-products into value-added products by recovery and purification

We have signed agreement/MoUs with cement industry for co-processing of industrial waste at major Indian plants.

Successfully piloted and implemented the various advanced waste management and treatment technologies for safe disposal and minimisation like Volute dewater press

New Technologies

New technologies to meet our sustainability goals

New Technologies

At UPL we promote new technologies in the field of waste water treatment and recycling to meet our sustainability goals. We approach various technology providers or suppliers for piloting and implement the technology in our manufacturing plants for better performance. Additionally our in house expert team also provides them support for successful piloting and implementation. We implemented new technology respectively Volute Sludge Dewatering press, Hydroxyl Radical treatment, Scaleban. The details about piloting are given below:

Volute Sludge Dewatering Press

Volute Sludge Dewatering Press

At UPL Unit 1 & 5, we have implemented Volute Sludge Dewater Volute-Sludge-Dewatering-Press developed by Amcon Inc. Japan. Volute is sludge dewatering equipment which can be operated on continuous basis instead of batch process. It is also more energy efficient and less noise generating than any other continuous dewatering equipment.



SCALEBAN™ is a patented, mechanical, static and non-chemical water treatment equipment provided by Scaleban Equipment Private Ltd. It reduces the fresh water consumption in cooling towers by recycle the effluent like RO reject water and ETP treated effluent up to 100000 TDS. We have implemented this technology at Unit-1 and Unit-5.

Hydroxyl Radical Treatment

Hydroxyl Radical Treatment

Hydroxyl Radical treatment is one the advanced oxidation treatment to treat high COD and toxic pollutant in waste water. The Hydroxyl radical is the most powerful radical which has oxidizing power 2000 times more than ozone. We have implemented this technology at our Colombia plant.


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