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Team UPL

At UPL, we are united by our values

Always human Always strive to do the right thing, prioritize safety, connect people and create opportunities for all.
Nothing's impossible Be purposeful and challenge convention to create a sustainable future.
Win win win Work together and with our partners and customers to create solutions where everyone wins.
One team, one focus Work tirelessly as one team to drive growth for all.
Agile Adapt quickly and respond proactively to serve grower needs. The world needs our urgency.
Keep it simple, make it fun Create simple, innovative solutions to complex challenges, and keep it fun.

We are committed to foster a society where farmers are empowered, communities can access healthy and nutritious foods, and our environment and biodiversity thrives. In order to light a path to a more prosperous future, we are Reimagining Sustainability for global agriculture – working hand in hand with farming communities and partners across the value chain to transform food systems in a way that benefits everyone. This mission recognises that there is enormous potential within agriculture to build a healthier planet for tomorrow and secure real-world impacts for all.

Hear from our team
“In a simple way we achieve great results. This value brings a great connection with our customers, and we make our tasks more fun.” José Igor Lopes Barbosa Commercial Technical Consultant, Brazil
Jose Igor Lopes Barbosa
“As part of the research station network every day we target to generate innovative solutions to address farmers pain points where at the end everyone can win.” Giuvan Lenz Agricultural Research & Development Station Manager, Global Crop Protection (CPHQ)
Giuvan Lenz
“I practice this value by being fair, respectful and open to diverse team views thereby building strong relationships. It is only when your team grows that you and your organization can grow!” Shikha Joshi Sr. Manager, Regulatory Research and Development, India
Shikha Joshi
“Agile is a value that accompanies me in everyday. It is primarily a team whose members will support each other, complement each other and develop competences together. The road to agility is an ongoing process. The UPL Crop Service department follows this road.” Wojciech Binek Crop Service Manager, North Europe
Wojciech Binek
“Nothing's impossible reminds me a Chinese idiom “事在人为”, (where there is a will, there is a way), which drives not only me but also the whole team to achieve lots of tasks always.” May Xiang Sr. Specialist, Global Supply Chain Management
May Xiang
”As an integrated team, we believe in the significance of the One team, one focus value. This brings together all stakeholders to drive business objectives with strong commitment to long term sustainability.” Mawan Hardiyanto National Sales Manager, ASEANZ
Mawan Hardiyanto
“Win, when our clients smile. Win, when our UPL team achieves so much more than expected. Win when we enrich people´s lives… This value truly reflects what we strive for everyday and I am proud to be part of it!” Heinrich Van Der Merwe Product Manager, Row Crops, AME
Heinrich Van Der Merwe
This value really represents our region. It shows how, by working closely as a team, we’ve been able to deliver amazing results despite major challenges faced along the way.” Adrià Vidal Codina Finance, Planning & Analysis Manager, South Europe
Adria Vidal Codina
“To me, Agility means building projects around motivated and empowered individuals by giving them the environment and support they need, and trusting them to get the job done.” Victoria Rider HR Talent Acquisition Partner, NAM
Victoria Rider
“I put this value to use everyday, by using cutting-edge technology to deliver intelligent digital solutions for growers and our organization which brings business values and helps the growers globally with their everyday farming challenges.” Prajakta Aher Lead Digital, Global Functions
Prajakta Aher
“I put this value into practice every time for customers' needs and satisfaction. This is the main factor for achieving the OpenAg of UPL.” Jungeun Youn Techno Commercial Manager, Korea, Asia
Jungeun Youn
“I consider the Agile value to be essential in our complex and ever evolving environment since it means the capacity to move quickly and easily by adapting to change and producing results.” Maria Arrieta Global Molecular Breeding Lead USA, ADVANTA
Maria Arrieta
“Keep it simple is all about breaking down complexity, and in order to focus on the opportunities, I try to make it fun and have positive thinking every day!” Maria Beatriz Portela Head of Marketing, DECCO
Maria Beatriz Portela
“Every day I start my day with a positive attitude and with the empathy I have for my colleagues and agricultural producers. Later, I trust that with my example and sincerity, I will be able to gain their trust, that way the teaching-learning process that I carry out will give positive results. This way of continuous work creates in me the optimism to achieve my goals, because they are based on said empathy and cooperation at work.” Marco Samaniego Biosolutions Marketing
Leader, Mexico &
Cuba SubRegion, LATAM
Marco Samaniego


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