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Our Culture

Working hand-in-hand with our global colleagues, farming communities, and partners, together we are lighting the path to healthier planet. Guided by our ‘Always Human’ value, and deep within our heritage, we have an engrained respect and appreciation for all of our colleagues and customers, and we strive to connect people across and beyond our business, and create equal opportunities for all.

As a global company, we recognise the value that different ideas, opinions and passions can bring to the table, and have nurtured an environment that promotes open dialogue and feedback. Across the company, systems and networks are creating a supportive environment to help colleagues to disclose concerns, receive constructive feedback, and learn. Through regular team meetings, broad employee engagement, and knowledge-sharing, we are driving inclusive decision-making and collective development so that we can grow for the better, together.

Our Culture

We are a purpose-led company with a culture rooted in respect, support, and collaboration.

We are committed to continuously improving our employee experience, and as part of our pursuit of creating an open forum that promotes transparent dialogue, we undertake regular Culture Surveys. With an over 90% participation rate, our latest Culture Survey, carried out by Willis Towers Watson, gave our employees the opportunity to share their perspectives on our activities and initiatives, with hundreds of action plans established across our regions to implement this feedback. As we strive to be considered a leading company for listening and responding, we are pleased that the survey shows our employees to feel engaged and also energised to contribute to our shared OpenAg purpose.

All of our employee initiatives are supported by an agile HR system which supports employees all the way from ‘hire to retire’. Our central HR platform ‘MyUPL’ is driving cultural integration and digital transformation by implementing a human capital management suite for our employees – with resources available to improve employee engagement, experience, and productivity.

Our OpenAg purpose is a commitment to collaboration as a catalyst for change. It is founded in our belief that true innovation relies on meaningful cooperation, and that through working together we can push boundaries and achieve the seemingly impossible. This spirit is felt across the company where we place a great deal of importance on teamwork. When you join UPL, wherever you are in the world, you join One Team - One Team that listens, collaborates, and supports each other to achieve higher.

You. Empowered.


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