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Personal and Professional Development

We believe in creating an environment that fuels continual development, empowering our employees to learn, grow, and thrive. We are deeply committed to supporting everyone’s personal and professional development and see this as a gateway to fulfilling individual aspirations as well as our corporate goals. We offer upskilling opportunities, extra-learning programs and robust managerial support and encourage our employees to pursue their interests, enhance their skill sets, and broaden their horizons. We believe that by lifting each other up and supporting each other's evolution, we can collectively reach higher and have a deeper impact.

Recognising and nurturing talent is key to our success and impact. We provide our employees with consistent development opportunities – for example, in our yearly ‘Talent Review’, we encourage internal promotion, allowing employees to grow within our organisation. Our leaders are actively rewarded for developing and contributing to the growth of talent, and finding successors is a prerequisite for moving up or taking on new roles.

Personal and Professional Development

With us, the possibilities for self-development, growth, and contribution are endless

Our employees have varied opportunities for further training and upskilling. To make learning accessible for all, we provide various methods of delivering training to our employees – from classroom environments to webinars and virtual e-learning options to support different requirements. We have embraced the power of digital learning through our OpenIntel platform – a digital learning program which empowers employees to learn anytime, anywhere. With over 13 languages, 7000+ diverse courses, and access to 30,000 books and audiobooks, OpenIntel is a comprehensive platform that offers bite-sized microlearning, skill benchmarking, certifications, boot camps and curated learning paths.

In addition to our global training offering, we run specific development programs which include talent rotation programs, executive coaching, and mentorship schemes.

We support individual curiosity and interest in new cultures. Through offering career opportunities around the world with global mobility assignments, we provide many of our workers with the chance to travel and embrace new experiences.

Working with us will allow you to advance a meaningful career where your development is nurtured, talent is recognised, and learning knows no boundaries. Together, we can create a brighter future and make a lasting difference in the world.

You. Empowered.


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