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Our support network

Our commitment to fostering a supportive workplace extends across our fields, our research centres, and our global offices. Respect and appreciation is deeply ingrained in our DNA. Since our founding days, we have always held our relationships with our colleagues, customers, and partners at the centre of everything we do – recognising that they are the driving force behind our success and growth.

We take great pride in our open work environment, where everyone’s ideas and opinions – no matter if you’re a junior team member or one of our most senior executives - are welcomed and heard. This culture of inclusivity promotes collaboration and encourages employees from every area of our business to contribute their perspectives – fuelling new levels of ideas and innovation.

Working at UPL

We listen to, learn from, and support one another to reach higher

Across all job levels we offer autonomy, entrepreneurship and growth. We promote engagement and dialogue across regions, functions, and hierarchies. To ensure that everyone immediately feels part of the UPL family, we have built a comprehensive integration program providing new joiners with a head start in their career with skills, knowledge and resources which lead to high engagement and an enriching employee experience. We focus on helping everyone to develop throughout their career journey, and feel supported along the way, with our robust performance management process facilitating open discussions and constructive feedbacks between managers and teams to boost personal development, welfare and contribution.

For our mid-level and senior leaders, we have developed an Emerging Leadership Program, encouraging talent development. This program includes leadership masterclasses, individual development planning sessions and executive coaching, paired with Action Learning Projects. We understand that sometimes all you need is for someone to listen. Alongside our professional support systems, we offer outlets for personal grievances and concerns – with our Employee assistance partners around the world offering 24/7 support, ensuring that our employees can voice issues or concerns confidentially.

Our leadership and senior management serve not only to inspire us, but support us. As friendly, approachable mentors, they actively support the growth and development of our employees. They motivate us to aim higher, providing guidance and assistance to help us all navigate challenges and seize opportunities. Our shared achievements are celebrated as a team, ensuring that every employee feels an integral part of UPL’s own successes and triumphs. With open lines of communication and a focus on mentorship and development, we are dedicated to maintaining a workplace where employees feel happy, fulfilled, and empowered to reach their potential.

You. Empowered.


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