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OpenAg® - Open Access To Agriculture Network Around The Globe

An agriculture network that feeds sustainable growth for all.

No limits, no borders.

Our planet faces challenges like never before. Challenges that will affect us all. But there’s one industry on which we all depend that can make a positive impact and a real-world difference - agriculture. From soil health to women’s empowerment, advanced hybrid seeds to post-harvest waste reduction, water efficiency to carbon sequestration – our inputs, solutions, and initiatives are working hand-in-hand with farmers to make a difference. Across the environment, global food chain security, and farming communities’ social and economic resilience. Together, we are advancing agriculture for a sustainable world driven by our OpenAg® network to reimagine sustainability for all.

In our story everyone wins

It revolves around and involves the entire world and its 7 billion people. A number that is set to grow to 9 billion by 2050 and then 11 billion before the close of this century.

The challenge

11 billion people who will eat 33 billion meals a day.

The true heroes of our story

500 million farmers who will face this challenge.


Breaking new ground

How UPL's smart climate technology can change the face of agriculture in challenging environments.

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The future is green

UPL's 'Pasaporte Verde' scheme is creating higher profits and yields for Latin-American exporters.

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1+1 = 40

How UPL and Croda’s joint project changed cocoa farming for the better.

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Community transformation through education

How 'Sandra Shroff Gnyan Dham School' is impacting the community in Vapi, India positively

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Technology for transformation

How UPL’s creating a network with partners to be able to touch and transform farming practices across a wide geography.

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Insight-led solutions

How UPL provides comprehensive solutions after deep understanding of the farmers’ and customers’ aspirations and daily challenges.

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How do we feed the world as the world gets bigger and our resources become scarcer?

The new model

A model that brings together all the different players in the food system – from farmers to food producers to supermarkets to consumers – with a new purpose

Sustainable Food Systems

Our story is of our new role

We are creating the network that changes the way a whole industry thinks and works. Opening it all up, to new ideas, new ways, new answers.

Sustainable Food Systems

Our story is about changing the game. And going beyond that.

We will generate a much deeper impact on society, where agriculture is properly valued, food is sustainable and farmers grow and prosper.

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