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Mike Frank

Mike Frank

CEO, UPL Corporation

Mike Frank is the CEO of UPL’s Global Crop Protection business. He joined UPL in January 2022 as President and Chief Operating Officer. He brings a depth of industry knowledge and expertise from almost 30 years in the global agricultural industry in a variety of strategic and leadership roles.

Mike began his career at Monsanto where he spent 25 years in sales, marketing, business strategy, and general manager roles, and between 2014 and 2017 he served as Senior Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer, leading Monsanto’s global commercial operations. In 2017, Mike moved to Nutrien, the world’s largest agriculture retail organization, where he served as Executive Vice President and CEO until 2021. At Nutrien, Mike oversaw a wide-ranging modernization of the company, focused on improving value for customers and supply chain execution, alongside geographic and digital expansion.

Mike is a passionate agriculture advocate, and is focussed on developing solutions to strengthen global food security whilst driving environmental and economic sustainability for farming communities and the industry at large. Mike is excited to draw on his extensive experience in driving growth, digitalisation, and customer-centric approaches as UPL looks to expand its collaboration, innovation, and farmer-focused product line with new projects, initiatives, and partnerships across the globe.


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