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IYPH - International Year of Plant Health

We are leading
from the front to protect the
protectors of life

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Our very business is a commitment to plant health. Across the globe, we are bringing a sustainable change in the way crops are grown and protected. We are perfectly aligned with the UN's International Year of Plant Health 2020. Here's how.

Enhanced crop nutrition


Our focus is on developing revolutionary natural products that meet the nutrition needs of crops.

Innovative crop protection


We are advocating a holistic approach to crop protection - an exclusive program that integrates natural biosolutions with conventional crop protection products.

Mitigating climate impact


We have a patented soil enhancement technology, an excellent water management tool that also improves soil health.

Farmer education

Worldwide programmes:

We engage with farmers all over the globe extensively, to demonstrate product usage, dosage and results.

Crop protection products

We support farmers in their battles against pests and diseases with the help of advanced crop protection solutions and specialised equipment.

Subsidised spraying services

Adarsh Farm Services:

We provide small and marginal farmers spraying vehicles on rent at subsidised rates to protect their crops.


We support the protection of bees with advanced products for organic beekeeping.

Post-harvest solutions


We enable pest-free transport of grains and fruits with advanced solutions.

Our story is
about changing
the game.
And making
every food product
more sustainable.

Environment conservation

Sustainability is embedded in our long term business strategy. We are protecting and nurturing the environment as we continue on the path to growth.

Stewardship programmes

We invest heavily in implementation of stewardship practices internally as well as raising awareness about product stewardship externally.

Compliance with international laws for biosolutions

We are strict and honest in our procedures to meet international trade laws.

OpenAg creates simple,
innovative and
sustainable solutions
to complex problems.

Seeds enhancement

We make strong seeds to give rise to stronger, more resilient crops.

Research for advanced solutions

We have 27 formulation facilities leading the development of advanced plant health products.

Trials and feedback

We undertake extensive on-ground trials with farmers across the globe to devise locally sustainable solutions.

Precision monitoring

UPL’s drone fleet solutions are under trial in South Africa and will be launched soon globally.


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