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UPL Insights: UPL Women’s Network

Oct 06, 2021 | UPL GLOBAL

Women are the backbone of agriculture, with studies suggesting that they account for nearly half of the world’s smallholder farmers and produce up to 70% of Africa’s food. They are largely responsible for agricultural activities such as growing household crops and vegetables, preserving harvests, and raising sheep and goats. Yet despite their contribution to the sector, women face a number of challenges and barriers, unable to access the land, loans, inputs, and machinery that men do, whilst also carrying the ‘double burden’ of paid work and unpaid care work looking after their families.

In this episode of our #AGRF2021 UPL Insights series, Florent Clair speaks with Francesca Distefano, Gender and Policy Expert at the FAO (United Nations), and Paula Pinto, Global Head of Business & Marketing Excellence at UPL and Global leader  of the UPL women’s network, about deconstructing the stereotypes around women in farming; how public and private actors can work together to improve the support for women; and the launch of the UPL Women’s Network.

To learn more about the FAO’s work with women in agriculture, visit:

To learn more about UPL, visit:



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