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Crop Protection


Seeds represent the most critical farmer investment as better seeds mean better yields. UPL provides sophisticated, high quality seeds worldwide through innovation for local needs.

Seeding growth of great harvests

Through its group company Advanta, UPL delivers high value crops all over the globe. 1 biotech and 22 research stations develop more disease-resistant and high-yielding seed varieties with valuable traits. Our investments in the most advanced proprietary technologies, combined with enhanced capacities and capabilities to cater to region-specific demands, are helping us emerge as true global leaders.


Grain Sorghum

Efficient, high-energy, drought tolerant and environmentally friendly.


For grazing pasture, hay production, silage and green-chop.


A popular grain, it's grown in countless varieties throughout the world.


Known for its oil content and use for oil production.


From traditional lino to ultra-high oleic germplasm.


We are one of the fastest growing vegetable businesses globally.

Other crops

Including Pearl Millet, Oats, Alfalfa, Biofumigants and Mustard.


Focusing on yield, grain quality, pest and diseases control and herbicide


Developed in Australia, encompassing all major quality types.


Developed and adapted for the Cerrado area in Brazil.

Other Crops
  • - Pearl Millet

  • - Biofumingants

  • - Oats

  • - Mustard

  • - Alfalfa


Innovation is collaboration

Advanta has over 60 years of R&D experience, working closely with local farmers and researching provincial crops to deliver the most suitable germplasm for a paticular region. We pride ourselves on our decades of research and deployment of the most advanced technologies in traditional plant breeding. By adopting the latest in technology, we have successfully improved the quality of crops and significantly increased crop yields. Advanta has key partnerships with leading technology companies for: innovative added value traits, biotech and high quality oil and yield traits, diseases, pest and herbicide resistance and drought and salinity tolerance.

Bhupen Dubey, Advanta Seeds CEO

IMI Sorghum

no seed treatment needed pre- and post-emergent treatment possible.

IMI Sorghum Technology for managing broad leaf and grass weeds in Sorghum fields through impactful and residual activity of IMI herbicide trait. It is ‘Peace of mind’ to farmers through an easier handling of herbicides in their Sorghum fields, no seed treatment needed; pre- and post-emergent treatment possible.


proprietary germplasm that delivers sunflower oil with a special content of fatty acids.

Nutrisun is a unique Advanta Seeds proprietary germplasm that delivers sunflower oil with a special content of fatty acids.This sunflower oil has high content of oleic acid and high level of stearic acid, the only saturated fatty acid that does not affect the plasmatic levels of LDL cholesterol.

Triazine Tolerant Canola

high yields, high oil, high blackleg resistance and excellent weed control

Triazine Tolerant Canola is a range of herbicide tolerant canola hybrids with high yields, high oil, high blackleg resistance and the ability to achieve excellent weed control and the stacking traits ability with other technologies such as Clearfield and Roundup Ready. It provides growers with a proven reliable IWM tool.

UHO contains 90% of oleic acid as against 60-80% of SHO products

Ultrasun (UHO) is sunflower seed with a superior level of oleic acid (C18:1, Omega-9) and stability across environments.The germplasm performs and is suitable for various environments where usually the high oleic sunflower seeds would not succeed. Ultrasun seeds yield as high as any top high oleic sunflower hybrid with a superior 90% oil content, low SAFA and high oil stability (OSI at 110ºC - RANCIMAT)

Global Brands


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