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Mr. Suresh Kumar

Mr. Suresh Kumar

Independent Director

Mr. Suresh Kumar was the Chief Principal Secretary to the Chief Minister of Punjab from 2017 to 2021. Mr. Kumar joined the Punjab cadre of the Indian Administrative Service, Government of India in 1983. He has held positions at various levels in the Federal and Provincial Governments to implement and manage reforms, business process re-engineering, and pro-poor development programs. Mr. Kumar has more than 30+ years of core experience in public policy, planning, public administration and governance, and program implementation in the State of Punjab, India. He also has experience in governance and regulatory issues concerning Power, Water Resources, Agriculture, Environment, Water Supply, and Sanitation. Mr. Kumar played a key role in the formulation and implementation of the Punjab State Policy on Rural Drinking Water Supply and Sanitation in 2014. He also led the preparation of a comprehensive Punjab State Agriculture Diversification Plan of Rs.8775 crores, which was aimed at increasing the sustainability of agricultural operations in Punjab. He drafted the State Water Policy in 2008 and facilitated the preparation of the State Agriculture Policy in 2018.

Mr. Kumar holds a Master's in Social Policy and Planning from the London School of Economics and a Post-graduate in Commerce from Delhi University, Delhi. He was a member convener of Inter UN Agency Working Group on Primary Education in India and a member of Inter UN Agency Working Group on Gender issues. Mr. Kumar also served as the Translation and Implementation Adviser, TIGR2ESS Project, at the University of Cambridge, and is a Continuing Policy Fellow with the Centre for Science and Policy (CsaP), University of Cambridge.


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