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Largest Crop Protection Chemicals company globally
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Countries where UPL is present


Access to the global market

Know Us

The 5th agrochemical company in the world, after the acquisition of Arysta LifeScience, UPL is a
global leader in global food systems.

With a revenue of US$5,040 Million, UPL is now present in 138+ countries.

We have market access to 90% of the world’s food basket and are focused on ushering growth
and progress for the complete agricultural value chain including growers, distributors,
suppliers and innovation partners.

As a new company, we offer an integrated portfolio of both patented and post-patent
agricultural solutions for various arable and specialty crops, including biological, crop protection,
seed treatment and post-harvest solutions covering the entire crop value chain.

Open Ag


An open agriculture network that feeds sustainable growth for all. No limits, no borders.

Vision & Mission

Vision & Mission

Enthusiasm and fresh energy abound as we embark on a new journey towards sustainable growth.

Global Leadership

With industry stalwarts working together, our team is all set to redefine agriculture with #OpenAg®.


Our commitment to excellence is our strength, as we cover significant milestones.

UPL’s Strengths

A Global Leader in Biosolution for Sustainable Agriculture

When it comes to the agrochemical sector, UPL is the 5th largest agrochemical company globally. It is a world leader in the global food system industry providing end-to-end sustainable solutions for agriculture with innovative products and services.

It addresses the entire agricultural value chain benefiting growers, suppliers, distributors, and growth partners. It has an integrated portfolio of patented and post-patent agricultural solutions. These solutions are applied to various arable and speciality crops that include biological, crop protection, seed treatment, and post-harvest crop treatment.

UPL - Introducing Advance Agriculture Technology

Shrinking land and water resources and unpredictable weather has necessitated smart agriculture. Leveraging the advances in agriculture technology, companies like UPL have come up with innovative solutions to nurture and protect the limited land and water resources and help farmers deal with climate uncertainties. UPL online offersan entire range of sustainable agricultural solutions.

Some of the outcomes of smart agriculture include igrowth weed control, proprietary germplasm called Nutrisun for sunflower oil, Triazine Tolerant Canola, and Ultrasun that is a unique oil with high oleic acid concentration. Anti-stress technology helps farmers grow crops by enhancing photosynthesis efficiency and maintain crop vigour and yield under stress conditions.

Smart agriculture has reduced the dependence of farmers on rainfall or irrigation, minimizing water usage, and better moisture retention. Farmers have benefited from the mechanized spraying services provided by UPL that has been made possible due to robotics in agriculture. Individual product performance has been enhanced using IoT in agriculture.

UPL Agricultural Products

There is a wide range of UPL products to meet your farming needs. These include sustainable solutions for seeds, crop protection, plant stress and stimulation, post-harvest, soil and water technologies, and aquatics.

With the use of agriculture technology, high-yield seeds are provided to farmers worldwide by UPL. These disease-resistant seeds cater to region-specific demands with proprietary technology from UPL.

You can choose from Grain Sorghum, a high-energy and drought-tolerant seed, forages for grazing pastures and hay production, and more.

Crop protection products include herbicides, fungicides, insecticides and acaricides, seed treatment, adjuvants, and Pronutiva.

Herbicides like Goosegrass and Common Ragweed ensure complete control and elimination of yield-threatening weeds. These are sustainable solutions compared to crop burndown. Solutions include formulations to tackle glyphosate-resistance and kill weeds using real-time data from the field.

UPL fungicide products like Mancozeb formulations multisite, protective action on contact, for fighting disease-resistant fungi.

Insecticides and Acaricides protect crops from insects for high yields and quality.

Seed treatment products protect crops from broad-spectrum insect attacks along with improved immunity and uniform germination.

Adjuvants enhance the effectiveness of crop protection UPL products in strategic partnership with Evonik through non-ionic surfactants.

UPL has integrated natural biosolutions with conventional crop protection products through its exclusive program ProNutiva.

There has been less incidence of phytotoxicity in crops, less stress during high temperature, lower residue level with high effectiveness, and high-quality yields. Better resistance and residue management, improved crop protection, higher yields, and better quality have been possible due to the application of IoT in agriculture.

UPL products for plant stress and stimulation include growth vitality technology like Pilatus for better plant metabolism, seaweed-extract-based BM Start for increasing fruit set and improving harvest quality, Gainexa FC for improved crop standability, and Foltron for reducing abiotic stress impact.

Post-harvest products from UPL include Quickphos for grain storage and Decco with high-quality coatings for fruit storage.

Soil and water technologies like Zeba helps water live longer by providing soil conditioning, water-holding, reduced nutrient leaching, and positive environmental impact. It can be applied in agriculture, turf and ornamental, nurseries, homes and gardens, and industrial needs.

UPL aquatic solutions protect waters against invasive aquatic plants and algae. There are two broad categories where these solutions can be used, irrigation canals and reservoirs, lakes, and ponds.

UPL products for reservoirs, lakes, and ponds include aquatic herbicides like Aquastrike. Irrigation solutions include Cascade and Teton for submerged weed and algae control.


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