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Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity is all around us. We are born into and live-in diverse communities, bringing our social self and values to the workplace. Given UPL’s vast operational scope across geographies, social strata, and ethnicities, our values and social biases have a profound impact on collaboration and communication. Therefore Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) is quintessential to how we operate, and a key priority for UPL. The diverse and inclusive culture that we foster helps us stand out, and empowers all of us to connect, belong and grow.

Here are our 2022 metrics for some of the important workforce diversity parameters we track

Gender Diversity
White Collar


Age Diversity

All Employees


Workforce by Generations

All Employees


Workforce by Nationalities

All Employees (Top 10 Countries)


While focus remains on performance and merit, the company is striving hard to sensitize employees on the importance of DEI. We believe that respecting diversity means, not only having a fair representation of all, but also encouraging diversity of thought and perspective.

The Power of Inclusion

As part of multiple D&I initiatives at UPL, we have kicked off multiple cultural and developmental interventions, one of which is an initiative for enabling our People Managers and Leaders via: Unconscious Bias Workshop - Unleashing the Power of Inclusion for Leaders.

Having biases is natural – the key is not to let it affect our behaviour when interacting with our colleagues. The Power of Inclusion - Unconscious Bias intervention is an immersive and participatory virtual / classroom session that is designed to sensitise participants about the nuances of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion – extending beyond gender, and including other important facets such as age, ethnicity, sexual orientation, mindsets, people with disabilities etc.

Our endeavour is to develop a fundamental and, conceptual and critical understanding of inclusion. It requires us to view inclusion through an intersectional lens – i.e., learning how not to limit one’s understanding of individuals to a label. It encourages the understanding of various facets of diversity in a fun way through the diversity quiz, focuses on inclusive leadership behaviours – empathy, curiosity, and transparency, and introduces the concept of being an ally.

Women’s Network
We believe that our female colleagues and leaders are some of the most accomplished women we know. Our Women’s network is a global community that provides dedicated access to various opportunities:
  • Learning and training

  • Professional development

  • Mentoring

  • Improved work-life balance

  • Cross-function/geography networking

  • Career advancement

  • New talent referrals

The aim is to showcase women-centric, and/or women-led initiatives and innovations being carried out globally, across all our regions on a single platform. The platform also hosts various development and training initiatives created and curated for our women employees. With the Women’s Network, we are gearing up to fast-track the career paths of our women employees, hire qualified women candidates for open positions, and set the stage for greater gender parity.

At UPL we are committed to equal pay for equal work. Our annual compensation reviews help us analyse our data periodically across the globe and course correct as needed.

Gender Pay-Equity

Average Male Salary/Average Female Salary
Employee Level FY2019-20 FY2020-21 FY2021-22
Executive level (Base salary Only) - 1.01/1 1.01/1
Executive level (base salary + other cash incentives) - 1.01/1 1.01/1
Management level (Base salary Only) 0.81/1 1.02/1 1.02/1
Management level (base salary + other cash incentives) 0.77/1 1.03/1 1.03/1
Non-management level 1.11/1 1.16/1 1.16/1

UPL’S Gender Based Outreach Programs

At UPL we want to make an impact not just internally but also in the external world. We believe that when we teach a woman to farm, we enable her to feed the community. Women in agriculture deserve all our help and support.


Our subsidiary, is empowering women by bringing them to the forefront of farming. It has launched a “Women in Agriculture” (WIA) program that aims to create equal opportunity for women to participate, contribute and improve their quality of life through agriculture. It includes the following initiatives:

  • Hiring women field partners (Krishi Mitras) to educate farmers on the benefits of

  • Since April 2021, has employed 180+ women Krishi Mitras, 20% of the overall field workforce. In Haryana, 99% of the field partners are women

  • Enhancing skills with training programs to operate farm machinery

  • A ‘Pay per effort’ model: women are top performers earning as much as INR 22,000/month

  • Success has improved women field partners’ financial independence, learning, skill, confidence.


We Are absolutely thrilled to receive 'The Best Workplaces for Women 2021' #award by The Economic Times. This recognition is a true reflecction of UPL's core values that encourage every individual to work towards building an #inclusive & #diversee workplace for all. @ET_Edge


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