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IYPH 2020: A Renewed Commitment to Plant Health

Sep 21, 2020 | UPL-Ltd

Tags: UPL Sustainability

YPH 2020: A Renewed Commitment to Plant Health

We all know that plants make up 80 percent of our food but are under constant

and increasing threat from pests and diseases. For example: Did you know that a swarm

of small locusts can eat the same amount of food in one day,

as thousands of people eat throughout a year?

In December 2018, the United Nations General Assembly

declared 2020 as the International Year of Plant Health (IYPH).

This is of special interest to me as it casts a spotlight

on the Environment and Sustainability function at UPL. I take it as both, a challenge

and an opportunity to guide my team in carrying out our roles effectively.

Plants are the source of the oxygen we breathe, the food we eat, and ultimately of all life

on earth. Despite their importance, we do not pay enough attention to keeping them

healthy. I see this year

as a once in a lifetime opportunity for us to raise global awareness about protecting plant health. Subsequently, thriving plant health can help end hunger, reduce poverty, aid

health. Subsequently, thriving plant health can help end hunger, reduce poverty, aid

environment conservation, and boost economic development.

UPL’s role: As a global provider of sustainable agriculture products and solutions, with a

robust portfolio of biologicals and traditional crop protection solutions, we see ourselves

as key custodians

of plant health. We serve over 130 countries, via our 10,000+ colleagues globally, and we


more than 90% of the world’s food basket. From this viewpoint, I believe we are


for leading from the front to protect the Protectors of Life – Plants .

Here’s how the E & S team at UPL supports each of IYPH’s key messages :

Key Message 1: Keep plants healthy to achieve Zero Hunger and the UN Sustainable

Development Goals

Our commitments: Grow More Food / Pest Destruction / Beneficial Bugs Protection

o In a 360° approach to food safety via plant health, we combine ProNutiva® ,

our holistic crop protection program and Zeba , our patented soil enhancement technology, along with our comprehensive farmer education

programs across the world.

o We support farmers in their battles against pests and diseases with the help

of advanced crop protection solutions and specialised equipment.

o Through Adarsh Farm Services , we provide small and marginal farmers with

spraying vehicles at affordable rentals to protect their crops.

o Our E & S activities encourage and support the protection of bees with

advanced products like Veto Pharma for organic beekeeping.


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