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To see a need and to take the initiative to answer it. To see an opportunity and to develop solutions. That's what we do.

UPL CSR @ Mexico

Child Right Awareness Campaign
@ Mexico, 2019-20

April 30th is observed as Children's Day in Mexico. It is a day dedicated to reaffirming the rights of children and achieves their well-being.
Mexican children have 8 fundamental rights: life, education, food, health, water, identity, freedom and protection. Sadly, 21.16 million Mexican children suffer from a lack of social rights in education, health, social security, housing, basic services or food. Around 5.1 million children live in extreme poverty, there are more children and adolescents in poverty than adults.
For the fourth consecutive year, the campaign “For your inner child” termed as “Por el niño que llevas dentro 2018” (in Mexico) was organized to raise awareness on the said cause. The donation collected through the campaign i.e. toys and clothes were distributed to the most vulnerable community of Mexico. The donations were handed out on 30th April at the primary school “Leandro de la Cruz” located in the city of Tapachula, Chiapas, with the participation of our volunteers.
The children enjoyed their gifts very much and the community people thanked UPL team for this gesture of generosity.
Since 2015 UPL CSR team is actively involved in carrying out the campaign – addressing the right of Mexican children’s.

Arropando Vidas (Clothing Lives)…. A CSR
initiative of UPL Mexico, 2018-19

Arropando Vidas which means Clothing Lives is a CSR initiative of UPL Mexico and is being carried out since 2015. “Arropando Vidas” is a winter campaign which consists of collecting blankets and winter clothes donated by the employees / collaborators of UPL with matching donation from UPL Mexico. The collected blankets and winter clothes were donated to 20 families from the community of La Lagunilla, Zinacatán which is one of the most vulnerable communities in the state of Chiapas in Mexico.
“It was a very nice experience, to be part of such campaign helping others by doing something that is priceless. Seeing the faces of people when they received the blankets was inexpressible. It’s good that UPL takes the time and makes the effort to have these gestures of love with people in need. Count on me for future events” said Aroldo Luis, sales representative of Chiapas.

UPL Mexico Team Participated in Marathon
to Raise Health Awareness, 2018-19

Marathons are a great way to raise awareness. To promote the spirit of well-being and to encourage communities to adopt a healthy lifestyle, UPL team participated in a Marathon titled “Marathon for Health” an initiative by Ministry of Health, Government of Mexico.
In Mexico 7 out of 10 people are categorized as obese. The government of Mexico is taking it very seriously and helping the citizens lead a healthy lifestyle. As part of the various initiatives, they started a marathon since 2015 to create health awareness. Keeping the momentum, UPL team participated in a marathon to promote health consciousness. The participating team were Leslie, Fernanda, Diana, Adriana, Yadira, Antar and Jose Manuel participated in the 5 km; Karina, Perla, Erik and José participated in the 10 km & Amit Aggarwal participated in the 21 km. Throughout the event, the team inspired and cheered for the participants. It also evoked appreciation and applause from the gathered crowd.

Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign, 2018-19

UPL is colored in pink joining the fight against breast cancer
October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, an annual campaign observed all over the world that intends to educate people about the early screening and timely treatment of this disease. To raise awareness on the same UPL team joins the “Pink Campaign” by supporting the women of the UPL family by educating them on the causes of breast cancer and different types of diagnosis like mammograms and ultrasounds and treatment method.


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