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To see a need and to take the initiative to answer it. To see an opportunity and to develop solutions. That's what we do.


Educational books to schools


Toys to public nursery schools and children hospital


Support to local scout group


Providing T-shirts for participants in the civic annual parade

donation-of t-shirts-to-children-jiu-jitsu-team

Donation of t-shirts to children jiu-jitsu team


Providing thermic bags to local hospital and personal care products to nursing homes


Sponsorship of soccer championship by donating medals and trophies

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The Complementary Education Program

We believe education is the backbone of every society but in the
competitive era mere education is not enough, children need to instill skills
that broaden their horizons. For the vast majority of
students who cannot attend elite schools, concepts like soft skills,
social abilities, interpersonal skills, communication and
personality development have become alien concepts.
UPL Initiative

In this endeavor, UPL CSR in collaboration with The Association Life initiated “The Complementary Education Program” – the program is mainly about providing choices while keeping the creative, cognitive, social and emotional development of children as its focal interest.

The Association Life is a Non-Government Organization that believes in the power of education to change the world in which we live, by forming the agents of the change. Through educational activities, Association Life promotes the development of social and educational skills of underprivileged youth so that they can start working as creative, responsible and competent entrepreneurs.

Tools employed for this include tutoring, encourage reading, lecturing, storytelling, art therapy, digital learning, learning English etc. All of this is taught with the active involvement of UPL Volunteers and the staff of The Association Life.

In 2018, 57 initiatives were carried out benefitting more than 7,000 people including underprivileged children, nursing homes, nursery schools, Municipals Department of Culture, Health, Sport, Education and Environment.






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