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Advanta Tanzania

Advanta, Technoserve and Bytrade Training
to Sunflower Farmers & Oil millers

Sunflower is second most important crop in Tanzania with 600,000ha. But largely cultivated by small farmers and the crop is dominated by OPVs. Knowing the challenging task of working with small farmers Advanta team is working with several NGOs like FIPS, Aga Khan Foundation, AMDT and SNV etc in Africa to reach thousands of farmers.
UPL Initiative
Team has started working with another NGO – Technoserve in Tanzania, training their farmers and Oil millers as part of capacity building. Technoserve is an NGO in Tanzania contracted by Agricultural Market Development Trust (AMDT) to build the knowledge and capacity of the Sunflower Farmers and Processors to grow and process Sunflower grains as well as Oil.
A training programme was conducted on 14th November 2017 by Technoserve in collaboration with Advanta & Bytrade Tanzania Limited in Dodoma (Central Tanzania).

The objective Were



The training was attended by 28 lead Sunflower farmers and Oil Millers. As a follow-up to this training the farmers trained in this programme will in turn go to 93 villages in Dodoma Region and sensitise the small sunflower growers on the benefit of adapting Hysun 33 seeds. Once they have completed the capacity building they will work out the quantity of seeds required to be supplied to them and follow up with the seed deliveries. Five more such trainings are planned in other sunflower growing regions of Tanzania.


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